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Many coatings applied by Quality Product Finishing, Inc. are environment specific, requiring performance under hostile operating conditions. Corrosion resistance and operation in Quality Product Finishing, Inc. applies thin film coatings to a variety of parts.subsea environments are performance essentials for many of these products.



Over 12 years ago Quality Product Finishing, Inc. added a line of dry-lubrication-type Xylan® coatings, which perform particularly well in hostile environments. These products, which include Nylon (Polyamides) and Molykote® coatings, are thin films that do not impede on the integrity of the specification of the parts themselves, to which they are applied.

Adding Xylan® to its line of industrial coatings is just par for the course in an ever-changing industry. Quality Product Finishing, Inc. prides itself with staying up to date on the latest editions of coatings and applications, which are required for job shops like us to succeed in a market always changing and evolving.

Xylan® is used in any area where the environment is harsh, such as saltwater and heavy-use, high load-bearing areas, or where predictable torque is desired during make-up or breakdown of fastener systems.


Xylan coated hardwareThe benefits of using the Xylan® line of coatings include:

  • Predictable, low coefficient of friction, requiring less make-up torque;
  • “Impregnated coatings” that form a matrix to offer a corrosion barrier and/or non-sacrificial lubrication;
  • Protection from a wide variety of chemicals;
  • More than 3,000 hours of salt-spray protection;
  • Complete coating system with applied film thickness less than 2/1,000ths of an inch;
  • Coating can be applied in steps to build up an undersized piece and machined back to tolerance;
  • Operating temperature range from less than -420F to more than 550 F.


Contact us, and one of our experts will answer all your questions and help you choose a coating process to meet your individual needs. We also offer custom glass beading, enclosed abrasive blasting and zinc phosphate surface preparation prior to coating application. For additional information on:

- Xylan ® visit the Whitford website.

- Molykote ® visit the Dow Corning website.


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